How to choose the appropriate Seals(Gray circle)



The selection of cylinder sealing ring Gray ring needs to consider many factors to ensure the reliability of sealing effect and working performance Here are some suggested steps and considerations:

1.Understanding Job Requirements:

Firstly, the key parameters such as working pressure, working temperature and working medium of the oil cylinder are defined These parameters will directly affect the selection of sealing ring In view of the fact that the Grayring consists of a body and a reinforcing fiber the body material may be polytetrafluoroethylene or EPDM and the reinforcing fiber may be glass fiber or carbon fiber, a material combination selected according to the actual working conditions is required.

2.Considering sealing performance:

Grayrings have excellent sealing performance, but different working conditions and media may require different specifications and designs of Grayrings The Gray ring with sealing ability is selected according to the movement speed and pressure change of the oil cylinder and the medium characteristics.

3.Considering corrosion resistance:

If the working medium is corrosive, the Grayring material with good corrosion resistance should be selected Corrosion resistance of Grayring materials usually, but the model and specification should be selected according to the specific medium.

4.Consider service life:

Choose Gray ring with good stability and aging resistance to ensure its long service life Pay attention to check the manufacturing process of Graycircle and select regular brands and manufacturers to ensure its performance and reliability.

5.Refer to relevant regulations and specifications:

When choosing Graycircle, we should refer to relevant industries and specifications such as GB11177, etc. These and specifications usually provide specific requirements on the dimensions and properties of sealing ring materials, which are helpful to make more choices.

6.Consultation Professionals:

Consult the seal manufacturer or a specialist in the field if you are still in doubt about the choice of the Grayring They can provide professional advice and solutions according to specific working conditions and needs.


To sum up, the selection of oil cylinder sealing ring Gray ring needs to comprehensively consider many factors, including working requirements, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, service life, related and specifications, etc. Through careful evaluation and comparison of different options, the most suitable sealing ring can be selected to ensure the normal operation and stability of the oil cylinder.