Silicone rubber umbrella skirt


The silicone rubber umbrella skirt has been shaped under high temperature and high pressure, and is the first successfully developed fluorosilicone rubber climbing umbrella skirt in China. It is divided into "DC suspension type porcelain (glass) insulator climbing umbrella skirt" and "pillar type insulator climbing umbrella skirt", hereinafter collectively referred to as climbing umbrella skirt. Special adhesive (room temperature vulcanized fluorosilicone rubber) is used to bond it with the top of the original porcelain and glass umbrella skirt to form composite insulation, and the number of bonding pieces is adjusted appropriately, It can meet the requirements of increasing the creepage distance for suspension insulators and high-voltage electrical equipment. The use of this product can effectively increase the "pollution flashover" voltage in heavily polluted areas. It has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, hydrophobicity, and self-cleaning function, and is lightweight and convenient for on-site construction.

The scope of use of silicone rubber umbrella skirts: DC or AC power transformation and distribution equipment should be rainproof, especially for equipment with umbrella spacing less than 70mm, and climbing skirts should be selected as much as possible. When the creepage distance of transmission and transformation equipment that has already been in operation in polluted areas no longer meets the operational requirements, an additional climbing umbrella skirt is used as a remedial measure for climbing adjustment. In areas with severe pollution and insufficient climbing distance, power transformation and distribution equipment can be adjusted using a combination of climbing skirts and anti pollution flashover coatings.

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