How to make rubber products shiny


Black and white are the foundation of color, and it is precisely these two colors that are difficult to achieve satisfaction. The general black color of rubber products is added with carbon black or black masterbatch, which often fails to achieve satisfactory blackness or effect. Here are some experiences:

1、 Of course, it's the choice of carbon black. The blackness of rubber products will increase with the increase of carbon black consumption, but when the carbon black consumption reaches a certain level, the blackness of rubber products will not increase (if the carbon black consumption for special purposes is excessive, such as anti-aging and conductive). The type of carbon black is also important. Due to differences in preparation method, particle size, etc., the coloring power, hue, and oil absorption value of different carbon black are not completely the same. Our experiment found that so-called high pigment carbon black or special carbon black rubber products cannot be much stronger than ordinary carbon black.

2、 The added pigment. Previous information has stated that adding phthalocyanine blue can improve the blackness of rubber products, and phthalocyanine blue can eliminate the yellowing of carbon black and improve the blackness of rubber products. But in the experiment, phthalocyanine blue will reduce the saturation of carbon black in rubber products and make the color gray. Therefore, during the color matching process of rubber products, I added a small amount of whitening agent, which can significantly increase the saturation and blackness of rubber products.

3、 Try to add less titanium dioxide and other materials with strong hiding power in the system. One formula is: carbon black 0.8% phthalocyanine blue 0.04% whitening agent 0.005%. The effect is good.