DEF domestic first [re-launched explosive products] polyester resin wear-resistant belt hot sales abroad


Support ring can avoid direct metal contact of sliding parts in the hydraulic cylinder, with precise guiding effect and suppress mechanical vibration, absorb radial force.

As an important basic element of the hydraulic cylinder, the role of the support ring and the choice of material is often overlooked by many users - high-quality, suitable materials related to the long-term use of seals and reliability.

The traditional PTFE filled with copper powder (Teflon) wear-resistant belt maximum support force is only 15N/mm2, in the radial force is very easy to wear bias-resistant lead to seal failure.

Polytetrafluoroethylene filled copper powder (Teflon) wear-resistant belt (as shown)

Ordinary clamping cloth type bearing capacity of up to 70N/mm2, in some lateral force, the extreme conditions of off-loading, far less than the actual application requirements.

The CMXS-CG010 polyester wear-resistant tape of Xinzhi Seal breaks through this dilemma, and its maximum bearing pressure can reach 150N/mm2 (maximum 346N/mm2). That is to say, the bearing capacity of CMXS-CG010 polyester wear-resistant belt of Xinzhi Seal is 10 times that of the traditional PTFE wear-resistant belt, and more than 3-5 times that of the ordinary cloth-clamped wear-resistant belts on the market, which can be comparable with the similar products of the world-famous brands of the sealing industry.

Wear-resistant and good-looking (as shown)


In addition, it is widely used and praised by users for its excellent wear resistance, compression strength, hardness, heat distortion temperature and stability compatible with a variety of media.

DEF Seals is one of the earliest seals manufacturers in China, focusing on high-end hydraulic seals R & D, production for nearly 20 years, our patented product CMXS-CG010 is made of imported thermosetting polyester resin as the substrate, with high-quality cotton fabric as the reinforcing material by advanced technology composite and become the first successful research and development of polyester sandwich cloth series products manufacturers. It is the first manufacturer in China who successfully develops the series of products of polyester sandwich fabric.

During the past 20 years, DEF Seals has gradually developed and grown, our products are getting more and more perfect, and our customers are all over the world. DEF people always remember: it is the choice and trust of every customer who made today's DEF Seals! 

In 2023, we put forward more and higher requirements on technology, quality and production capacity, and strive to optimise the allocation of resources, so as to better serve our partners along the way.