Rotary shaft and oil seals installation method skills


Skeleton oil seal installation method

5.1 Installation of skeleton oil seal

Figure14  Install using hydraulic or pneumatic assembly presses.  Figure 15 Installation from the rear side. The outer diameter of the guide shaft is about 5~10mm larger than the outer diameter of the metal tool face and directly larger than the outer diameter of the seal. The diameter of the inner part of the seal is 0.5mm smaller.

Fig16  Use tooling clamps for permissible hammer assembly!  Fig17  Mounting on shafts with keyway (also applies to shafts with sharp shoulders)

Figure18  Installation of caged oil seals with PTFE sealing lips, both rubber and steel caged seals are acceptable. 5.2 V-rings

V-rings are made entirely of rubber, without fiber or metal material reinforcement, so they are particularly easy to install, V-rings can be stretched, and depending on specification, installed on flanges, pulleys and housings without cumbersome disassembly.For larger sizes, they can even be supplied as cut rings, and it is butted with hot vulcanization on site.

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