2023 Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition -DEF SEALS series of wind power show


#2023 Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition, this time Guangdong Xinzhi seal brings new sealing wear-resistant technology, fan passive yaw, brake liner, active hydraulic calipers. The country's first wear-resistant material, pressure resistance and wear resistance can bend a finger

Guangdong Xinzhi Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. invites you to visit: W1 Hall, W104-105 booth.











Ultra-high wear resistance, wear rate <0.02mm/km! (Ra 1.6~3.2)


 Ultra-high compressive strength, ultimate compressive strength up to 340MPA


What can reduce the life cycle cost of a fan?

Bidding era

Where does the optimal cost of KWH come from?

The brake friction material liner and hydraulic seal are born from this, making your fan braking safer, more reliable and more affordable!