Rubber elastomer U-shaped Y-shaped O-shaped seal ring installation method


Elastomer seal installation

3.1 Elastic body piston integral groove installation 3.1.1 Piston integral groove U-shaped sealing ring installation   (1) Prepare a pivot with a handle, and its diameter should be the same as that of the piston rod. (2) In order to install the sealing ring on the piston rod easily, apply lubricating oil.


Figure7   U-ring oiling to start installation

Press the seal with your thumb to load the pivot into the hole as shown in Figure 8.


Figure: 8 U-ring starts to press into groove


While turning the handle, press down as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9 Press and turn until the installation is complete

3.1.2 Install the nitrile rubber U-shaped sealing ring in the integral groove. Insert one side of the sealing ring into the groove, pull the other side of the sealing ring, and then it can be easily inserted into the groove, as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10 Schematic diagram of installation of nitrile rubber U-shaped sealing ring

3.2 Installation of piston rod with elastomer sealing ring 3.2.1 Install polyurethane U-shaped sealing ring in the overall groove Installation method: (1) When using a retaining ring, first put the retaining ring into the assembly groove, as shown in Figure 11-upper shown. (2) Please prepare a special plunger and push rod whose size corresponds to the diameter of the sealing ring. In order not to damage the seal, the material must be soft resin and the upper part of the plunger should be of a smooth shape that slides easily into the seal. Install the seal by hand as shown in Fig.11. (3) If you use the special push rod to press the top end of the sealing ring, you only hear a "click", and the sealing ring can be easily installed into the assembly groove.

Figure 11 Diagram of installation method of polyurethane U-shaped seal ring (upper, middle and lower)

3.2.2 Install the nitrile rubber U-shaped sealing ring in the overall groove. Installation method:  (1) Carefully turn the sealing ring into a heart shape with your fingers. Be careful not to scratch the sealing ring, and at the same time, the speed must be fast to prevent permanent deformation of the sealing ring, as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12 Nitrile rubber U-ring installation method

The sealing ring installed in the assembly groove may be bent, correct it with your fingers.

  • The installation method of all piston seal rings into the split groove

4.1 U-rings

When installing the U-shaped sealing ring from the root, it can be easily installed without special tools. When installing the U-shaped seal from the lip, care must be taken to prevent the lip of the seal from being easily scratched by the top of the fitting groove. As shown in Figure 13, another method can be used. Assembled with an assembly kit and push rod.

Figure 13 Installing the U-ring with a push rod and a turntable

4.2 The installation method of combined sealing ring: If it is a combined sealing ring such as Steer seal or Gray ring, it is necessary to combine the O-ring and slip ring together and then install them at the same time. The above is the installation method of hydraulic cylinder piston and piston rod sealing ring. We can refer to the above method during installation to ensure that the sealing ring will not cause premature leakage or decrease in sealing performance due to installation problems.

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